Public Awareness


The PLAN community of legal aid programs makes every effort to keep the public informed about areas of interest. The regional programs distribute newsletters to clients and to members of the community. All PLAN programs have websites, where a whole array of information is made available for the public. For those programs that distribute newsletters, these are posted there. PLAN, Inc. also distributes regular e-news updates on the law, trainings, and topics of interest to public interest advocates.

PLAN programs are very active in organizing and promoting the “Older and Wiser” program. This program is a partnership among legal aid, the local bar, and legislators. Free educational sessions are offered, geared to providing information for older Pennsylvanians. Legal services programs assemble the information needed for these sessions, including powerpoint slides on topical areas. Private bar members actually conduct the sessions. Legislators arrange for space and they advertise these sessions. This project has been very well received and is highly attended wherever it has been offered. Click here for more information on the "Older and Wiser" program operated by Neighborhood Legal Services Association that launched this successful partnership with legislators and the private bar.

Dissemination of information for the public is highly valued in the legal services community. Regularly, legal services lawyers write guest editorials for local newspapers; they are seen as a resource when reporters are assembling stories relating to legal services clientele; and they make sure that the media is aware, when stories are breaking that involve the legal interests of low income clients.

PLAN welcomes inquiries on public awareness topics. We are available to handle inquiries from the news media. Inquiries can be made to any of the PLAN network programs on local or statewide topics, or to PLAN, Inc. through the form linked below.

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