Promote Access to Justice


ADVANCING JUSTICE  We are engaged in many initiatives to strengthen support for and partner with organizations throughout Pennsylvania and nationally, to improve access to justice for all, and to increase the resources available to support our mission.

For example, we look for innovative and reliable sources of funding, such as the Access to Justice Act, which earmarks a portion of court filing fees for legal aid. We arrange and sponsor special training programs pertinent to legal aid practice, including a statewide training conference.

We maintain, a web-based guide to legal information and free civil legal services for low-income people and seniors, and, a web site that serves as a resource for legal aid attorneys, volunteer “pro bono” attorneys, and other legal advocates interested in increasing access to justice.

We also advocate for increased Access to Justice through:

Pennsylvania Civil Legal Justice Coalition

In 2013 the Pennsylvania Civil Legal Justice Coalition, a statewide coalition of bar leaders, representatives of the public interest legal community, and other key stakeholders was formed to work collaboratively on exploring and implementing strategies to improve access to justice and address the growing crisis in unmet civil legal services needs of low-income Pennsylvanians.

The Coalition began its task by planning three hearings, conducted by the Senate Judiciary Committee and chaired by Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf, that addressed the following question: Civil Legal Representation of the Indigent: Have We Achieved Equal Access to Justice?  The hearings were held May 7, 2013, in Harrisburg; May 23, 2013, in Philadelphia; and October 29, 2013, in Pittsburgh.

Full Information on the work of the Coalition and the 2013 Senate Judiciary Hearings is availble at this link.