Expungement Generator


The Expungement Generator (EG) is a web-based tool developed by Michael Hollander at Community Legal Services that greatly increases the speed and accuracy of creating expungement and redaction petitions in Pennsylvania.  The EG allows you to enter basic information about a client and upload all of his or her docket sheets from the AOPC website.  The EG uses this information to generate all of the appropriate expungement and redaction petitions in and editable Word format along with IFP petitions where appropriate.

In order to use the Expungement Generator you need a login, which can be obtained by contacting Michael Hollander at mhollander@clsphila.org.

Below is a video recording of the live webinar demonstration presented at the 2012 Pennsylvania Legal Aid Conference on September 12, 2012. The Expungement Generator User Guide [PDF] may be downloaded at the link below. The video is best viewed in full-screen mode which can be activated in the toolbar at the bottom of the player. 



Expungement Generator User Guide (PDF)289.53 KB