2013 PA Legal Aid Network Housing Law Training


The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network Housing Law Group presented its 2013 PA Legal Aid Network Housing Law Training on November 19, 2013 in Harrisburg, PA.

Materials from the program are available at the links below:

Program Agenda

  1. Domestic Violence and local nuisance ordinances
    Laurie Baughman, PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  1. False claims/side payments to Section 8 landlords
    Eileen Yacknin, Neighborhood Legal Services Association

  1. Foreclosure - The Vukman case, Act 91, and Act 6
    Devon Sanders, Community Legal Services;
    Irwin Trauss, Philadelphia Legal Assistance

  1. Reasonable accommodation of people with disabilites
    Howard Miskey, MidPenn Legal Services
    Kellie Rahl, North Penn Legal Services
    Kristina Petronko, North Penn Legal Service (Materials)

  1. Abandoned Property – the new statute (68 PS 250.505a) and current attempts to amend it
    Cindy Daley, Housing Alliance;
    George Gould, Community Legal Services;

    Donald Marritz, Regional Housing Legal Services

  1. Hearsay - state and federal limits on hearsay in PHA termination hearings
    Kevin Quisenberry, Community Justice Project

  1. Servicing Standards; Update on FHA Loss Mitigation; and Working with the Attorney General to enforce the National Mortgage Settlement
    Jennifer Schultz, Community Legal Services