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Are you in danger of losing your home through foreclosure?

The Pennsylvania state Homeowners' Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) might help you save your home if you meet specific qualifications.

You must apply for HEMAP through a state-approved non-profit housing counselor. If you meet with a counselor within 33 days of the date an Act 91 notice was mailed to you, the mortgage holder will be temporarily prohibited from starting a foreclosure case against you.

If you file an application for a HEMAP mortgage assistance loan, there is a further temporary prohibition. If your application is granted, the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) will loan you money to bring your mortgage up-to-date. The HEMAP Help Center website can help you to better prepare your application for the Homeowners Emergency Mortgage AP assistance.

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The HEMAP Help Center is a program of Regional Housing Legal Services. The website is not associated with the HEMAP program or with the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the Agency which administers HEMAP.

Regional Housing Legal Services, a member of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network, is committed to providing legal and technical assistance to Pennsylvania's low-income families and communities in need on matters related to the Development and Preservation of Affordable Housing.