Discussion Groups


Law Group e-mail discussion groups have been set up in the areas of the law listed below for advocates from the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network. These groups are a great way to keep up with things and interact with your colleagues. You can discuss recent developments in the law, ask and answer questions, or just read the postings of others to learn about the issues people are working on.

Messages sent to a single e-mail address are delivered into the personal e-mail of each member of the group. Replies to messages sent to the group are also delivered to everyone in the group. This allows everyone to benefit from the discussion. Information from across the state is shared with the advocates who are working in that area of the law.

Messages are also stored in a searchable archive so that members of the group can review the prior discussion of an issue to find out who may have encountered a particular type of problem in the past. You can also get a quick status report from the people working on an issue as to the latest developments in that area of the law.

These email discussion groups are available only to advocates from Pennsylvania Legal aid Network member program.

To sign up for one of these groups please Login and then return to this page for instructions.

Groups are available in the following areas:

  • Consumer Law
  • Disability Law
  • Elder Law
  • Employment Law
  • Family Law
  • Health Law
  • Housing and Community Development Law
  • SSI Non-Disability Issues
  • Utility/Energy Law
  • Welfare Law

Additional Groups are also availble for staff members in these specialized areas:

  • Limited English Proficiency/Language Access
  • Technology
  • Prime Case Management System