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FAQ – from Tech Soup Website:
Can I register more than one location for the same organization?

Yes. Separate registration distinguishes different software requests for licensing purposes and allows each office to request its own donation without coming up against restrictions that other offices may incur.

There's no limit to the number of affiliates or locations for each organization. However, if your organization consists mainly of different individuals working from various locations, but not in actual separate offices, it is usually best to use a single registration for all of them.

Follow this procedure to register an additional location for an organization. The new location will have the same tax ID as the parent organization but a different organization ID.

1. Log in if you have not already done so.
2. Click Register My Organization in the Manage My Account section at the top of the left navigation bar.
3. Click Is My Organization Registered?
4. Select your organization's country and click Submit.
5. Select your organization's status, type in its EIN, FSCS, or tax ID, and click Submit.
The Organization Registered With This Tax ID page appears.
6. Click the New Organization link.
7. Enter a new organization ID for your location, fill in the rest of the information, and click Continue.
8. On the Confirm Registration Information page, click Submit.