Legal Aid in the News

Title Date Posted Description
Fund legal aid for equal justice 04/18/2013

This opinion piece in the Scranton Times Tribune expresses support for increased Congressional funding for civil legal aid for the poor.


LETTER: Don't be a victim of housing discrimination 04/18/2013

This open letter appearing on from North Penn Legal Services Executive Director Victoria Coyle urges people to be aware of housing discrimination in its many forms and to report incidents of housing discrimination when they occur.

Man loses job over mistaken identity 11/09/2012

This story of mistaken identity due to a faulty background check, from WGAL News, prominently features Attorney Sharon Dietrich of Community Legal Services, co-author of a report released earlier this year by the National Consumer Law Center dealing with this increasing problem.

Cuts to legal aid harm the justice system 01/12/2012

Op-Ed piece appearing in the Harrisburg Patriot-News by PLAN Board President Gerald A. McHugh and PLAN Board Member James DeAngelo outlining the effects of recent cuts to legal aid funding.

Legal Aid: The need is there, so should the funding 11/21/2011

This editorial from the Harrisburg Patriot-News appeared on Sunday, November 20, 2011. The editorial discusses upcoming funding cuts for legal aid in Pennsylvania and urges the creation of a stable funding strategy for legal aid so the poor and needy have access to attorneys.

After 8 years, woman has murder charge expunged from her record 10/20/2011

This article in the York Daily Record discusses the expungement of an eight-year old murder charge from the criminal record of a woman represented by MidPenn Legal Services, who represented her under its Barriers to Employment Project. The woman was charged and held for nine months without bail only to have the charges dropped a month before the trial of three others charged with the murder. The woman had been unable to find employment due to the charge appearing on her record.

Benefits For Severely Disabled Children Scrutinized 08/18/2011

This story from National Public Radio features comments from Attorney Rebeccas Vallas of Community Legal Services in Philadelphia about the possible ramification of eliminating or curtailing the SSI program for disabled children.

Legal Aid: Changing Lives one Case at a Time 07/21/2011

This feature from in Chicago tells the story of a single mom with a child in college and a five-year old who was helped by Legal Aid in Chicago when faced with the termination of electric service, an electric bill of over $5,000 and threatened eviction and loss of her Section 8 voucher.

Legal Services Corp. Faces Potential 26% Budget Cut; ABA President Voices Concern 07/20/2011

This article in the American Bar Association Journal voices the concerns of ABA President Stephen N. Zack about proposed funding cuts for the Legal Services Corporation. Zack issued a statement on July 7 that criticized a subcommittee vote to slash funding stating, “Here is an important question to ask in the wake of today’s vote: The next time a major natural disaster strikes, where should its victims turn for legal assistance in putting their lives back together?” he asked. “Because today’s cuts will decimate the operations of the local legal aid providers that normally step in to help. … Congress should look for savings in programs that don’t work. LSC works for millions of Americans across the country every year.”

The Budget-Slashing Hysteria's Latest Victim: Legal Aid for the Poor 07/12/2011

This article from Mother Jones describes the possible effects of the House Appropriations Committee proposal to cut $104 Million from legal aid. If the proposed cuts do take effect, the Legal Services Corporation estimates that 235,000 people eligible for help will be turned away.