Ensuring Access to Justice When It Really Counts: PBA President Thomas Wilkinson Jr. Weighs In


PBA Side BaarThe March-April issue of the Pennsylvania Lawyer magazine, a publication of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, features an insightful "Side Bar" by PBA President Thomas G. Wilkinson Jr. entitled, Ensuring Access to Justice When It Really Counts. The article discusses access to legal services to those in need and some initiatives that are currently being tried and discussed in various locations around the country to address the problem.

One initiative is the adoption of a statewide “civil Gideon” effort providing representation to the indigent who are facing crisis situations in their lives, such as the loss of housing or the loss of custody of a child.

In the article, Wilkinson notes that the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Gideon v. Wainwright decision is a good time for the legal profession, the judiciary and the wider community to focus on what steps can and should be taken to help close the civil justice gap for those facing legal proceedings that will have a momentous impact on their lives but who are unable to afford counsel to guide them.

The Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network welcomes the support of Tom Wilkinson and the Pennsylvania Bar Association in the effort to provide access to legal services to those in desperate need of legal help and also supports the PBA's efforts to support and expand pro bono services by attorneys across Pennsylvania.

The full article appears at the link below. I encourage everyone interested in the pursuit of justice for all to read the full "Side Bar" by President Wilkinson.

Side Bar: Ensuring Access to Justice When It Really Counts