Healthy PA and Changes to Pennsylvania Medicaid Starting January 2015 (CLS)


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Fri, 11/07/2014 - 11:00am - 12:15pm
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Online Webinar

Community Legal Services is pleased to present a training on Medicaid Expansion and other Medicaid changes ahead of the December 1 date for new applications. This training should be useful to assisters, case managers, legal advocates, and others working to make sure low-income people get the health insurance they need. 

The training is closed to the media and will cover: 

  • Eligibility and Benefits for the newly-eligible Medicaid Expansion population (people with incomes up to 138% FPL) 
  • The Application Process for Healthy PA Medicaid Expansion (as many specifics as are known to date) 
  • Best Practices in using Pennsylvania's COMPASS system to apply for benefits (and other state-supported outlets for enrollment, like the Consumer Service Hotline and County Assistance Offices) 
  • Changes to the benefits of current Medicaid enrollees, which result in some people on Medicaid being moved into new health plans 
  • Clarifying which groups of people will get which types of health coverage under Healthy PA (some new applicants will receive the new “private coverage option” plan, and others will receive regular Medicaid) 
  • The role of a new “Health Screening” form, which will be used to decide who gets the “Healthy Plus” plan and who gets either the “Healthy” plan or the “private coverage option” plan 
  • And, your questions! 

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