About Us


WHO WE ARE  We are the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network (PLAN), Inc. We help make possible the delivery of free legal services to low-income Pennsylvanians. We are the corporate entity that provides strategic leadership and coordination for ten independent, regional legal aid programs and six specialized legal resource programs that together comprise the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network. By providing an administrative framework and strategic oversight, we help guide member legal aid programs that collectively offer free legal advice and representation in civil cases to more than 100,000 low-income clients per year, that deliver self-help information and community education services to another 400,000-plus people in need, and that provide countless referrals to other service providers and pro bono lawyers.

HOW WE WORK  PLAN, Inc. funds the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network of programs providing direct client services. The programs in the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network strive to make good on the promise of “Justice for All.” Legal aid services are, in fact, vital, providing recourse for those who have nowhere else to turn. For example, legal aid advocates frequently represent victims of domestic violence and abused or neglected children. They may help an impoverished family win life-sustaining benefits or find a way for a low-income worker to avoid unfair eviction. They often seek system-wide change as they take on challenges to increase the availability of affordable housing, make health care more accessible to working families, or improve services to the elderly. We at PLAN, Inc. support the efforts of our member legal aid programs so they in turn can promote and protect fairness and equality for all.

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